CPD in evidence based practice for rehabilitation and sport

1. Strength, Power and Plyometrics workshop

Date: 27th and 28th November 2021
Location: London - Mill Hill
Days: 2
CPD hours: 15 (certificate included)
Price £250 

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Across this two-day workshop, delegates will learn the theory and practice of strength and power training and how it may be applied to clients of all levels. The workshop is predominately practical in nature, with some lectures included to provide context and enable further discussion and exploration of key topics. Of course there will be ample opportunity to ask questions throughout and check your understanding. 

On day one we focus on strength and power training, initially discussing the fundamental mechanics around rate of force development and power for example. With this understanding, we can confidently design and critique relevant training programmes. Then, before looking at strength and power exercises, we will run through the overhead squat assessment, to ensure our clients have appropriate movement mechanics and enable us to prescribe corrective exercises as needed. We will finally cover key strength and power exercises such as squatting and mid-thigh pulls and then programming and periodisation.

On day-two, we will look at plyometrics, initially examining stretch-shortening cycle mechanics, as well as elastic energy and muscle-tendon unit stiffness for example. We will then coach a series of drills, starting from basic exercises and progressing all the way to more advanced movements. We will then conclude day two by examining how we can test our athlete’s physical capacity, such that we can programme accordingly.